This home typifies what I like to do, it has a craftsman feel but also very contemporary using different materials that integrate color and different types of siding that has a very textural feel to it.
— Steve Vasilion


The owners of this house, a former ranch built in the 1940s, wanted to expand and modernize the home to create more living space and take advantage of the gorgeous property. 

We created a great room with an east orientation to take advantage of the beautiful views. Small square windows interspersed throughout the house create sculptural light plays indoors and add ??. The curve of the great room wall is extended beyond the end of the house, it’s red color treatment evocative of the skin of an apple peeling back to the creamy center which holds the home’s side entrance. A patio space is tucked away to create a private garden on the great room’s other side.

The home’s original masonry fireplace is extended by blending new stone above with a keyway design. We added texture with a creamy tan band drawing you around the perimeter of the exterior, accenting the two green tones of regular and cedar shake siding. 




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Wrap up sentence goes here about creating original Craftsman home from a 1940's ranch. 


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