As early as age 9, I remember telling my parents and teachers this is what I wanted to do.

My father and I at the grand opening of my practice in 1990. 

I was always good at visualizing and drawing. I loved the precision of math and engineering as well as the beauty and freedom associated with being an artist. Becoming an architect was a perfect blending of both. Decades later, it still is.

Now, after 25 years in private practice, I hardly ever draw by hand. But I still love what I do.

Much has changed in residential and commercial architecture since 1990.  Computerization has changed architecture drastically. I love electronics and computers. (Put me in a computer store or a bookstore, and I’m a happy guy.)  I still design with paper and pencil but now augment that with the ability to design in three dimensions by computer. And preparing final detailed drawings on a computer easily beats hand-drafting.

Computerization has made my designs better. I have so much more flexibility, and my ability to communicate with clients is vastly improved. With 3D renderings I’m able to help clients visualize their projects as well as make adjustments quickly.

The Internet has had a huge impact as well. When I started my career, access to product information came from hefty catalogs and design inspiration came from books and magazines. Now, that information is at my fingertips. Clients are more sophisticated too. They put together Pinterest boards, Houzz idea books, and share links which help me understand their vision and avoid design missteps. 

Commercial clients are now more aware of branding and the need to make buildings a reflection of their services and identity. Because I am experienced in creative challenges, I have been successful in designing buildings that are both functional and distinctive representations of an organization’s mission.

What hasn’t changed these last 25 years is my gratitude for the support of my family, friends and colleagues. I am especially grateful for the many wonderful clients who have helped my business grow and thrive.

Thank you!


Please join me in celebrating
Vasilion Architects

25th Anniversary
& Open House

4-8 p.m.
November 5, 2015
28 S. Water Street
Suite 303
Batavia, IL 60510